Crusty Chanclas, a surfer dude


“Surfing, a passion living deep within the soul…”


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30 Plus Years Of Experience As A Surfer.

Surfing had been and is a life well lived. Surfing does come with its challenges–body aches from wear and tear but it’s a legit way to feel as a surfer.

Drop me a message and let’s talk all things surfing.

Some photos by: JReisPhoto

What I Offer

I offer you surfer knowledge from my perspective--a life of surfing.

Form Coaching

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Check this out, found this old DVD from 2004 of me and Walt Cerny surfing The Finger and Sand Spit! Awesome!


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What Surfers Are Saying

"Crusty Chanclas is living proof older surfers can keep on surfing."
Philip Watson
old surfer guy
"Yup, this dude helped me choose a surf board. I'm a newbie surfer and just shot him a message through his website. Am stoked!"
Jake Roberts
wanna be surfer
"This guy knows his shit"
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Berk Spencer
Pismo Pier

An App for all Surfers

An easy guide for every surfer. The etiquette of surfing from my perspective.

Whenever I’ve found myself in a sticky situation out in the water, I find it’s easier not to engage. 
Now I’m thinking it’s time to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years with you:  Surf Etiquette Guide app.
It’s currently under production. Click the link to share your contact info with me so I can keep you updated on the app’s progress. 

Surfer Articles

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Stunning New Film Highlights Tight-Knit Surf Scene of Iceland

Surfing in Iceland is not for the faint of heart.

California Surf Forecast & Surf Reports (USA)

Surf forecasts and surf reports for the best beach breaks, reefs and point breaks in California, USA.

California Surf Reports & Cams

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